Muscle gaining with exercise and nutrition

it seems like everyone wants muscle mass and stronger more toned muscles but if you’re gonna talk about how to grow muscle you first need to understand the basics it makes you sound smarter and well you don’t want to be that guy who doesn’t know his basic biology likes to give everyone training advice first it’s important to understand that your muscles not only control every movement you consciously make but they also control every movement you don’t know you’re making that means they control the movement of food down your esophagus they control the blood pressure by constricting arteries.

Types of the muscle:

1. cardiac muscle:

which is found in your heart.

2. smooth muscle:

found in places like you’re stomach intestines and blood vessels and finally

3. skeletal muscle:

which is usually attached there are 640 of them and they’re the only ones that we can consciously move.

there are two different types of skeletal fiber, fibers often referred to as slow-twitch and fast-twitch :

  • fast-twitches are optimized for short explosive bursts reading tire quickly
  • slow-twitch have much short-term power but are endurance.

How does the growth happen?

everyone is born with a certain ratio of these but depending on how you train and your intensity training you can optimize your whole muscular system for different sports the next thing to understand is that muscle grows first by breaking down then rebuilding the tissue or muscle breakdown and growth to occur you must force your muscle to adapt by creating stress that’s different than your previous threshold that your physique’s already adapted to, now this can be done by lifting heavier weights continually changing your training and pushing your Muscle to fatigue that’s when you feel the burn after the activities are completed.

adequate rest and providing ample fuel to your muscles is the most important part to regenerate and grow, the reason everyone says you need protein has everything to do with basic biology ( myofilaments actin and myosin) are just long chains of proteins if you don’t have enough protein in your core, your muscle won’t start rebuilding and growing those filaments and that’s where the real work is done it’s as simple as that so there you have it a few basics so that you can be smarter and more informed when you’re trying to build and tone your body.

What helps gain muscle?

Sleep and repair tips

  • you need seven to nine hours of sleep per night for protein production and the release of human growth hormone goes faster while you’re in dreamland.
  • if you don’t get enough sleep your stress hormones can go up it can make you gain weight not grow muscles.

Example for a daily exercise

  • you should always begin your routine with compound movements like squats rows or bench presses they engage many muscles at the same time and this compound movement will release more muscle-building hormones in your body
  • you can move to isolation movements when you feel you’re getting tired start with squats they engage the entire lower body and make it release human growth hormone they help improve muscle mass throughout your strength because they’re so physically demanding you
  • try to squeeze in as many squats as you can and forget about a proper form
  • you finish each one halfway and keep your feet right next to each other that’s a classic newbie mistake
  • you can never get good results if you aren’t paying attention to how you’re doing the training you might even injure yourself your feet must be hip-width apart as soon as you approach the bottom of the movement you must squeeze your glutes to go back up for the next rep barbell bench press is the push exercise of the day it’s perfect for your chest and is safe when you keep the elbows at 45 degrees out from the body as you rest between the exercises
  • if you stop seeing progress and want to spice things up you can replace barbells with dumbbells front squats with a back squat or add one element to your routine
  • the most important thing isn’t diversity but progressive overload when you put more and more load on your muscles they’ll have to adapt to it and grow bigger and stronger
  • you move on to pull-ups it’s a perfect test of your upper body muscular strength and one of the few moves that work your back and biceps you should be able to start with six slow proper form pull-ups and steadily get to 12 rep you feel it’s too easy for you so you grab a dumbbell and hold it between your ankles as you go up and down you try to move in a full range without breaking form it’s important to maximize muscle adaptations reverse.
  • crunch is your core training of the day it works out the full length of your six-pack muscle and will give you strong lower abs you want to wrap things up after 10 reps but your trainer tells you that you have to tie your muscles to near failure it means you must feel like you wouldn’t be able to finish one more rep because of fatigue
  • you move on to some weight lifting you gotta go heavy and aim for fewer reps under control rather than many reps with an easy and comfortable weight
  • you can’t rest between sets until you’re ready to lift again when you do it your heart rate lowers your body can’t refuel your muscles and they won’t get the partial recovery they need
  • your rest periods shouldn’t be longer than 60 seconds it’s enough time
  •  add some stretching to top it stretching after the training sets off.
  • the recovery process build your muscle tissues, makes them longer and gives you extra flexibility you need to perform strength-building moves with a greater range of movement which makes them more effective your muscles become less tight and you minimize the risk of injury
  • when you stretch your fascia aka the bag that holds your muscle tissue you give your muscles more room to grow enough


all the water in your body is in your muscles along with protein so if you want to build muscles you must increase your water intake and drink plenty of it you can figure out exactly how much of it you need depending on the pound of bodyweight you’re done with.

Nutrition program

  • get the right breakfast meal rich in calories especially protein you cook some eggs that are packed with omega-3s protein and amino acids you need all of those to build lean muscle mass
  • you also get a bowl of-free Greek yoghurt with berries on top it fuels you up with protein calcium and iron for long-lasting energy a protein shake to go will help you increase blood flow to your muscles and make it easier for your body to process and use carbs you arrive at the gym and do a warm-up before your main routine your trainer helped you plan a full-body workout which is perfect for beginners it includes one leg one push and one pull and one core training.
  • you must keep the right balance between protein, carbohydrates and fats and also help your nutrient positioning to go right where your core decides which nutrients to use as fuel stores fat or put into muscle building when you miss out on certain nutrients ( protein, carbohydrates or fat)it might store too many calories as a fat plus.
  • lack of vitamin e can give you muscle weakness instead of build it and not enough vitamin a can result in dizziness and loss of balance
  • you start with some salmon it’s a perfect source of protein and is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids they help reduce the amount of insulin in your bloodstream insulin boosts fat storage and stimulate protein synthesis.
  • tuna can be a healthy alternative to salmon with the same benefits top it with some olive oil it stimulates protein production and prevents the breakdown of tissues it also helps the muscle sort glucose and nutrients.
  • turkey is rich in zinc that helps protein production beside some broccoli on the side that’s also full of zinc buckwheat ends up on the plate as a source of many foods and consume vitamin b6 it helps your corpse absorb amino acids from the foods you eat.
  • other fruits won’t help your bodybuilding plants but the pineapple provide you with enzymes that digest protein plus it has anti-inflammatory properties to soothe post-workout pain and swelling
  • almonds will be a good snack to go they’re rich in vitamin e and you need it to repair cellular damage caused by training a couple of hours
  • It is very important to take a sufficient amount of protein when following a strength-building diet and especially while training, your body requires dietary protein

Tracking your day

  • make a record in your daily workout journal you put down the exercises you did each day with the number of reps and sets without a journal like this you can’t be sure what’s working for you and how fast your progress is.
  • you also measure your mass when it stays the same and you see your workout results you might be losing fat and increasing muscle so it’s important to monitor your body fat loss than your net weight loss
  • you plan your workout, train each muscle group twice per week to help your muscles adapt and grow faster
  • you also make a list of meals and calculate your daily calorie to avoid any junk food or drive-throughs you stay patient and consistent as you know you do not experience muscle gaining overnight
  • three months later you see the first results like all beginners you gain 12 pounds of healthy muscles after this point your progress will slow down but you stay true to your plan and it works.

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